.“We have to move with the time. We have to see what are families looking for now and how we make sure that homes are affordable to regular working families."

A housing proposal sponsored by Gainesville Commissioner Bryan Eastman has finished community input sessions and will head to the full City Commission next.


Malhotra: The hypocrisy of progressive NIMBYs

Alachua Chronicle • Feb. 16, 2023

If Gainesville progressives truly desired affordable housing for all, they would support pro-housing policies. Many don’t. Gainesville is at a crossroads when it comes to the future of housing policy. Residents have become sharply divided over what they envision as the future of the city.

A Florida university town became the first in the Sunshine State to eliminate single-family zoning. But in a reflection of the high level of conflict over the issue, there’s a chance the law won't live long. After months of wrangling, Gainesville's city commission narrowly approved eliminating the

One of the most harmful legacies of America’s suburban experiment is the thicket of land-use regulations, adopted almost universally over the course of the 1950s through 1970s, that all but eliminated incremental development from U.S. and Canadian cities.