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You know what would make a dent in car dependency? Making it easier to build housing near jobs, restaurants, schools, churches, services, and more. Instead of seeing our cities as having specific zones for a type of business, just have housing next to or on top of offices and restaurants. It works i

A bill passed by the Florida house bans sleeping in public and encourages cities to build camps for the homeless. The state should try building housing instead.

What does the 21st century city look like?

Swamp Things • Aug. 25, 2023

Many major cities are looking to the past to shape their future. Gainesville should do the same.

Butler Plaza

In reversing previous moves to increase housing development while voting down even modest proposals to make more homes, the city is actively making housing more expensive in town.

Gainesville Townhouse

Think of a house as a home not as an investment

Swamp Things • Feb. 1, 2023

Buying a house is not an ideal way to build generational wealth.